Fabregas’s long term partner Daniella Semaan

Here is Leo’s Summer holidays with ‘family’ and friends!

By: shafiq oo7n1

Lionel Messi's 30th birthday going to be the very special that,  the Barcelona forward’s agents confirmed in a statement that the couple will wed in Rosario on June 30. Messi is in Spain's Balaeric islands now. What is Lionel Messi doing there with whom? Let's see, it's going to be the seasons number 3 now since they were last team-mates, but that hasn't stopped Cesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi's friendship from blossoming. Currently the pair are enjoying their summer holidays before pre-season begins next month. The Barcelona superstar Messi and Chelsea midfielder Fabregas have decided to spend some of that together, that's why they are in Spain's Balaeric islands now. They were seen basking in the Spanish sun on Thursday in Formentera, the time Accompanied by their families. The Barcelona superstar's long-term partner Antonella Roccuzzo and their eldest son Thiago dipped their toes in the sea before walking along the…>