FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 is going to start

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 : Start From 17 June

By: shafiq oo7n1

The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 is going to start from 17 June. This an international association football tournament for national teams under FIFA. The tournament¬†currently held every four years by FIFA. This tournament¬†contested by the holders of each of the six (UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, CAF, AFC, OFC) regional championships. According to the FIFA World Cup holder and the host nation, to bring the number of teams up to 8. From 2005, the tournament has been held in the nation that will host the FIFA World Cup in the following year, acting as a rehearsal for this larger tournament for every host nation. Anyway, 2022 FIFA World Cup host Qatar will not host 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup. As declared by FIFA in 2015 due to Qatar's high temperatures during the session. And this is the first edition, since the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup, that the tournament host is not hosting the…>