How to Apply for Tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

How to Apply for Tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is 10 months away, and football fans wanting to attend can now apply for tickets for the tournament.

Football fans can now apply for 2022 FIFA World Cup tickets as the Ticket section of the FIFA website went live on Wednesday.

The first ticket sales of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 start with a random selection draw sales period on 19 January 2022 at 11H CET / 13H Doha time. (1000 GMT),” FIFA said in a statement.

The bookings for tickets are to be open from January to July in two different phases for FIFA World Cup 2022 FIFA. According to reports, spectators who wish to attend the matches must be vaccinated and must carry proof of the same.

The tickets for the Group Stage matches will go on sale first, followed by the knock-out stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To apply for tickets, you must have your own FIFA ticketing account complete with accurate information.

How Can Fans Apply for Tickets?

Applying Process 3 1

  1. Apply For Tickets Here
  2. Click Create Your Ticketing Account.
  3. Click Regester With Email.
  4. In the “Email” Field, Enter Your Email.
  5. In the “Password” field, Enter a Password.
  6. Enter Your First and Last Name.
  7. Applying Process 2 1
  8. Select Your Country.
  9. Click Next And Follow Further Instruction.
  10. Verify Your Email.
  11. Choose Your Ticket From Different Ticket Product(s). Tickets are available in the following ticket categories: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3.
  12. Give Your Detail And Complete Your Application.
Applying Process 4

Tickets are available in the Following Ticket Categories

Ticket Price For FIFA World Cup 2022: Click Here

Instruction From FIFA

During this random selection draw sales period, you may apply for tickets at any time. It makes no difference when the application is submitted, as long as it is submitted prior to the end of the random selection draw sales period on 8 February 2022, as all applications will be processed together.

The completion and submission of your ticket application do not guarantee the availability of tickets. If demand for a given match and/or ticket category exceeds the available ticket inventory for the domestic or international market, random selection draw(s) will take place at the end of the respective random selection draw sales period to determine which applicants are allocated tickets.

Each ticket application can either be completely successful (with all tickets requested being allocated), partially successful (with only part of the tickets requested being allocated), or unsuccessful (with no tickets requested being allocated). All successful, partially and unsuccessful ticket applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications via email, no earlier than 8 March 2022.

If your ticket application is successful or partially successful, you will receive email communication with further information about payment, including the steps to follow and the deadline to pay for your tickets.

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