Is the 2022 FIFA World Cup Messi’s Last World Cup?

Is the 2022 FIFA World Cup Messi’s Last World Cup?

Despite having won every club trophy imaginable, the World Cup trophy is still the prize that has eluded Lionel Messi.

In 2022, Messi will be 35 years old, and past his prime. Most likely. Of course, this is Leo Messi we’re talking about, so it is entirely possible that he will still be as good as ever.

Messi reached the final of the 2014 World Cup with Argentina, painfully losing to Germany, and it wasn’t until this summer’s Copa America that he was finally able to bring his long wait for international silverware to an end. Ronaldo has never been named a world champion either but won the 2016 European Championship and 2019 UEFA Nations League with Portugal.

Messis Last World Cup

My prediction is that, by 2022, Messi will have passed the reins as the number one threat on the Argentinian National Team to Lautaro Martinez, the young talent currently playing for Inter Milan. He’ll start and captain the team, but Messi will no longer be required to create as much as he does now.

After 2022, Messi will likely retire from the team, and possibly even from the game entirely, making the Qatar World Cup his last tournament for Argentina, and his last chance to win his country some silverware.

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