Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium

The World Cup Football Tournament is the most prestigious in the world. For the first time, Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. In this respect, Qatar is trying to do something exceptional for the spectators. Qatar has selected eight stadiums for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The Al Bayt Stadium is one of them.

Al Bayt Stadium, also known as Al Khor Stadium, is built to serve as a playing venue for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The Al Bayt Stadium is one of the most spectacular stadiums in Qatar and opened in February 2020. It will host the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2022. On the other hand, Lusail Iconic Stadium will host the final of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

We are here to introduce you to the best stadium in Qatar. We will provide you with detailed information about the Al Bayt Stadium here. The context includes some more about the host Al Khor city you need to know visiting there. Do stay with us.



image football match

The Al Bayt Stadium is hosting a total of nine matches. It includes the matches during every stage of the event except the final. Here is a short description of the upcoming football matches at this venue.

6x Group Matches

The Al Bayt Stadium will host 6 Group Matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

  1. Match No: 01

Match Between: A1 & A2

Match Date: November 21, 2022

            Match Time: 3.30 IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


  1. Match No: 12

Match Between: E1 & E2

Match Date: November 23, 2022

Match Time: 3.30 IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium

  1. Match No: 20

Match Between: B1 & B3

Match Date: November 25, 2022

Match Time: 3.30 IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


  1. Match No: 28

Match Between: F1 & F3

Match Date: November 27, 2022

Match Time: 3.30 IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


  1. Match No: 36

Match Between: A4 & A1

Match Date: November 29, 2022

Match Time: 3.30 IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


  1. Match No: 44

Match Between: E4 & E1

Match Date: December 01, 2022

Match Time: 3.30 IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


1x Round 16

The Al Bayt Stadium will host one round of 16 Matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Match No: 51

Match Between: Winner of Group B & Runner-up of Group A

Match Date: December 04, 2022

Match Time: 00.30 am IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


1x Quarter-Final

The Al Bayt Stadium will host one Quarter-Final Match of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Match No: 59

Match Between: Winner of Match 51 & Winner of Match 52

Match Date: December 10, 2022

Match Time: 00.30 am IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium


1x Semi-Final

The Al Bayt Stadium is the host of one Semi-Final Match of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Match No: 62

Match Between: Winner of Match 59 & Winner of Match 60

Match Date: December 14, 2022

Match Time: 00.30 am IST

Match Venue: Al Bayt Stadium

The third-place match will hold on December 17, 2022, at the Khalifa International Stadium.



The Al Bayt Stadium is almost 53 km away from Doha, the capital of Qatar. There are two more stadiums close to the Hamad International Airport, Doha. They are the Al Thumama Stadium and the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium.

However, Al Khor is a neighboring city of Doha and, it will take you a maximum of 40-50 minutes to reach the Al Bayt Stadium from the Doha Airport. You have to set sail to the north to visit the Al Bayt Stadium. Geographically we can express its location by 25°39′08″N 51°29′15″E.


How to reach Al Bayt Stadium?

How to reach

You do not have to get much hassle to reach the Al Bayt Stadium. It is a neighboring city and very close to the capital Doha. Travelers can commute to Al Khor from Doha through the metro or by road. There are some options you can choose to reach to Al Bayt Stadium from Doha.


There are a lot of Taxies available for you from Doha to Al Khor Route. You can get it costing only $50-$60.


You also can travel by driving. It will cost you some $2-$4.

While the red line of the Doha metro has direct access to Al Khor, travelers can consider visiting the Al Bayt Stadium by road through the Expressway. The journey may take around 40-45 minutes for 53 kilometers.


Al Bayt Stadium At a Glance

Al Bayt Stadium

  • Capacity: 60,000 seats
  • Coordinates: 25°39′08″N 51°29′15″E.
  • Country: Qatar
  • City: Al Khor
  • Clubs: Al Khor Sports Club
  • Owner: Qatar Football Association
  • Category: Completed
  • Tournament: FIFA World Cup 2022
  • Construction: 09/2015-11/02/2020
  • Surface: Grass
  • Design: Modular Design
  • Cost: $846m
  • Contractor: Salini Impregilo, Galfar, Cimolai, Hightex


Description of the Al Bayt Stadium

FIFA and the Organizing Committee of the Qatar Supreme Committee have confirmed that the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 World Cup will take place at Al Bayt Stadium on November 21. It will take on an asymmetrical seashell motif, providing covered seating for all spectators. There are several transportation systems. The on-site parking will be able to hold 6,000 cars, 350 buses, and the coming and going of 150 public buses, as well as 1,000 taxis and water taxis. The stadium will host around 60,000 World Cup fans, including 1,000 seats for the press. The stadium will also include luxurious Hotel suites and rooms with balcony views of the football field.


Al bayt stadium design1

The Design of Al Bayt Stadium is like a giant tent. This tent-like façade structure represents the traditional black & white bedouin tents called Bayt Al Shaar. The nomads in Qatar and the Gulf region used these structures. The design features tent-like structures is up to 37m-high that envelop the exterior of the stadium. The tents are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and colored in the traditional black, red, and white colors. The tent structure also provides optimum acoustics to ensure the noise and sounds in the stadium are held inside in a controlled manner.

The stadium has a unique retractable roof able to close in 20 minutes. It provides optimal cooling conditions that enable to play football throughout the year.

The stadium has a modular design that enables to the dismantling of its parts. The stadium features three tiers of seating. After the World Cup, the top-tier seating with a capacity of roughly 30,000 will be removed and sent to developing nations for the construction of new stadiums. Then the resulting small capacity stadium will be converted into a recreational venue for the local community of Al Khor. The upper parts of the stadium will transform into a Hotel. A shopping center, retail outlets, restaurants, and other attractions will be part of the facility.

Aspetar, one of the leading sports medicine facilities, will open a branch at the new facility to attract athletes from across the world.


Al Bayt Stadium Construction1

The construction of the stadium began in September 2015. Foundation work and the 12m lower-tier walls were completed by November 2016. Other works, including excavation, de-watering, and installation of pipe connections done later. A total of 21 cranes, including one 280t mega crane, worked on-site.

Assembly and installation work on the roof structure system started in September 2017. The roof structure is manufactured in Italy and transported directly to Qatar for installation.

The facade structure of the stadium is also manufactured in Germany and transported in several shipments to Turkey. Then cut and transformed into installation-ready parts and fitted at the stadium.

The main contractors for this project were Salini Impregilo, Cimolai, Galfar, Hightex. On the sports day of Qatar, February 11, 2020, it has opened.

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Since Qatar began preparing for the upcoming world cup, sustainability has been a driving factor. Qatar has taken all possible measures to ensure the standards of sustainability for the event. So, here is what you need to know about the sustainability of the new Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor.

Sustainable Design

The design of the stadium has a special significance as far as the standards of sustainability are concerned. The tent-like design of the stadium protects the interior from the desert heat to a great extent. It puts less pressure on the cooling systems of the stadium and saves energy while also keeping the visitors and pitch cool enough.

Protected Green Belt

The surrounding areas of the stadium have a green belt. It stretches out from the stadium to the sea. There are parks, green spaces, water features, and much more to delight the visitors. The size of the surrounding is equivalent to the size of 30 football pitches which is incredible. But the best part of the stadium is there are pedestrian walkways lined up with trees. The visitors can use it to reach the arena. These all facts make the stadium sustainable.

Transportation Available

There are many facilities to set up for buses and other modes of transport so that there is less traffic on local roads. It is a factor that plays a role in the sustainability of the Al Bayt Stadium.

In January 2020, the stadium received sustainability certificates of green design, construction management, and energy efficiency under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). The stadium also received a five-star GSAS rating.


Tourist Attractions in Al Khor

The Al Khor is familiar as one of the fishing cities. The City is full of many tourists attractions. Those who will go to Al Khor to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2022 at the Al Bayt Stadium can enjoy the quality time before or after the match.

The land has some unexplored areas waiting to be discovered by tourists from around the world. So, if you are planning to go to Qatar and decide which are the ideal places to visit in Al Khor, look no further, as we have made a list for your travel.


Al Khor Museum

Al Khor Museum, Al Khor, Qatar

Al Khor Museum

The Al Khor Museum is a few km north of Doha. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Al Khor with a two Storey restored building along the Corniche. The anthropological section, marine and land life section, traditional fishing, diving, and shipbuilding are on the ground floor.

Artifacts used in the ancient industries to make dyes from seashells and geological maps show changes Qatar has gone through over 120,000 years and, excavation discoveries are on the first floor.


Al Khor Family Park and Zoo

Al Khor Family Park Zoo

Al Khor is the oldest wildlife park and zoo that covers an area of around 240,000 square meters. Ministry of Municipality and Environment of Qatar has renovated the place and opened it as a zoo for tourists and locals. It is not just a zoo but a place where one can spend an entire day with their loved ones.

The zoo has several restaurants, mosques, fountains that give it an aesthetical look. The park is home to over 315 animals which include 290 species of crocodiles and birds.


Al Tawasul Traditional Park

Al Tawasul Traditional Park

Al Tawasul Traditional Park is another Al Khor tourist place that stretches over 28,500 square meters and has a wide range of attractions for the kids. The park boasts of its recreational areas like a football ground, a separate playing area for children, an athlete walkway, and so much more.


Purple Island

Purple island

One of the best places to visit in Al Khor is Purple Island, for its tranquil environs and natural beauty. The island offers all bird lovers a chance to get a glimpse of a few unique birds. One can enjoy the views of mangroves and natural beauty here. The island waters are home to several fishes and crabs.

However, the passage to reach Purple Island is under construction now. Travelers can only go there by walking through knee-height water and soft sand.


Al Farkiah Beach

Al farkiah Beach

Al Farkiah is one of the ideal places to travel in Al Khor to connect with nature and for peace of mind. The beach is the best spot for those looking to spend time with their family or friends or spending time alone in the blissful beauty of nature. The beach is fenced as there is only one entry and exit gate.


Al Shuaa Reserve

Al Shuaa Reserve

The Al Shuaa Reserve has been an absolute delight for families as it boasts of its geese, pigeons, tortoises, ducks, and many more. People can relax under the well-shaded green spaces and enjoy their surroundings. This tourist place gives kids a chance to interact with the animals directly. Solar-powered lighting is one of the highlights of the reserve.


Al Qarma Beach Garden

Al Qarma Beach Garden

If you are looking for a place to visit in Qatar with your kids, you can always head north to Al Khor and spend a day at the Al Qarma beach garden. It is a one-of-a-kind beach known for its greenery and cleanliness. Barbeque, pets, and playing football are not allowed inside.

There are many trees and plants inside the park with wooden umbrellas that offer shade along the seashore, walking paths, beaches, and solar-powered lighting.

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Top Restaurants for visitors in Al Khor

Al Bayt Stadium is one of the finest attractions in Qatar. Al Khor is full of the best restaurant to enjoy a delicious bite of its prominent location and enhanced infrastructure. These places provide casual dinners for you and, the top-notch service and exceptional menu add on more features. Here are the best restaurants at Al Khor and close to Al Bayt Stadium, where you can savor your hunger.


  1. Food Courts at Al Bayt Stadium

  • Barbecue kiosk in Al Bayt Stadium

Barbecue kiosk is near the entrance to the park. It is very close to the stadium. The visitors of the stadium can come here to get food.

BBQ Kiosk Al Bayt Stadium

You will find a delicious selection of grills on the menu including, meat and chicken skewers served on wooden boards, flank steaks, lamb chops, prawn and salmon skewers, mezze, sandwiches, and homemade desserts.

You can also purchase raw, marinated grills and use them for a picnic if you are with the family. It is the second branch of the kiosk. The first one is next to The Torch Doha entrance.

  • The McDonald’s in Al Bayt Stadium

McDonalds al bayt

You will find a branch of McDonald’s here. It is the 50th branch of the country. The exterior of this shop is just like the Al Bayt Stadium.

However, You can go there if you want to taste the food of McDonald’s.


  1. Panoor Restaurant

Panoor Restaurant 1

The Panoor Restaurant is famous for its casual dining experience. It is very close to Al Khor Mall. Most of the cafes in Al Khor are renowned for only the non-vegetarian food option, but the Panoor Restaurant offers variety for Vegetarian-friendly and vegan food options.

While the interiors are not as fancy as some high-class eateries in Qatar, the food and service here are unmatchable. The restaurant is famous among Indian travels with some of the most tempting Indian cuisines on the menu. The decent menu and heartwarming hospitality make this restaurant a hidden gem for food lovers.

Must-Try Dishes: Bamboo Biryani, Porota, Beef Chilli, Vegetable Curry, Paneer.

Location: Opposite lulu mall, Al Khor Qatar

Timings: Sunday to Saturday:- 7 am – 12 am


  1. Pearl of Beirut

Pearl of Beirut restaurant

The Pearl of Beirut is one of the best restaurants for the most tempting Seafood in Al Khor. It is just 7km away from Al Bayt Stadium. They Serve the globally known dishes from the Philippines and Indonesia. Choose from a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from the Seafoods, the unique halal dishes make the eatery so popular among the visitors.

Must-Try Dishes: Chicken Sisig, Grilled Fish and Squid, Oriental Salad, Fried Rice

Location: Street Corniche, Al Khor Qatar

Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 7:00 am-11:00 pm

Friday: 07:00 AM – 10:30 AM; 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM


  1. Turkiye Kebab

Turkiya Kebab

Turkiye Kebab is one of the best Turkish restaurants in Al Khor with the best-grilled food and the special halal. It is just 4km away from Al Bayt Stadium. The variety of tastes here are picked from the streets of Turkey and the global food capitals like the Mediterranean region to lend the guests an unforgettable food experience.

The menu features lunch meals and dinners with options like barbequed food, halal, salads, soups, and more. The restaurant even serves snacks and quick bites like pizza for the evening breaks.

Must-Try Dishes: BBQ Chicken, Turkish Cheese Pie with Olives, Pizza with Salad, Chicken and Rice Dish

Location: Al Khor, Qatar

Timings: Saturday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 12:00 am


Top Shopping Places in Al Khor


  1. Al Khor Mall

Al Khor mall

The Al Khor Mall is the first of its kind in Al Khor. It is gigantic that covers an area of over 55016 square feet. The Al Khor Mall is one of the best shopping places in Al Khor. There are more than a hundred outlets. They offer a wide variety of products of several top brands. You will find the shop of cloth, fashion accessories, baby care products, beauty and health products, and so on. The quality of the products available is rich and exquisite. Al Khor mall is of perfect and typical Arabic architecture with facilities of international standards. This mall is heaven for all the shopaholics. Owned by the Lulu group, the location of the mall is very strategic. It is close to many stunning beaches and is an alluring highlight of Al Khor.

It is a superb place to shop for and with families and kids.

Location: Al Khor, Qatar.

Opening Hours Monday to Sunday 10: 00 AM to 10: 00 PM

Main Highlights

  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Electronic
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Opticians & Sunglasses


  1. Ansar Gallery

Ansar Gallery

Ansar Gallery is one of the best shopping malls in Al Khor. It has earned customer loyalty by providing the best quality of products.

Ansar Group Of Companies is the owner of this property. It offers a comprehensive collection of products that meet the needs of every customer. The products range such that it suits they suit every budget. The motto of Ansar Gallery is that no customer should leave empty-handed. It has something for every kind of visitor.

Every item here is a fine collection of trendy and comfort making it a one-stop destination for every traveler. Make sure to add this shopping complex to your list because it sure will blow your mind with its splendid arrangements.

Location: Simaisma Road, opposite Al Khor Mall, Al Khor, Qatar.

Opening Hours

  • Saturday to Wednesday – 8: 00 AM to 11: 30 PM
  • Thursday – 8: 00 AM to 12: 00 PM
  • Friday – 8: 00 AM to 11AM, 12PM to 12AM

Main Highlights

  • Home décor items
  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Household item shops


3. Safari Hypermarket

Safari Hypermarket

Safari Hypermarket is one of the finest places for shopping in Al Khor. Catering to the wholesome needs of every visitor and the community, it takes precision and pride in serving its customers. The motto of this hypermarket is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Safari Group of companies has established the Safari Hypermarket and is ready to cater to the need of the citizens and travelers and welcomes every customer with open arms. Spanning over an area of 193,000 square meters, Safari Hypermarket is gigantic.

You get to choose from a wide variety of products ranging from body and health care to fresh foods and beverages. It is a leading retailer of consumer products in Al Khor, Qatar.

Location: Al Khor, Qatar.

Opening Hours Monday to Sunday – 7: 30 AM to 12: 00 AM

Main Highlights

  • Baby Care
  • Home cleaners and disposables
  • Electronics and mobile
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Food and Beverages
  • Fruits and vegetables


Where To Stay near Al Bayt Stadium?

  1. Al Khor Villas

Location: Al Khor, Qatar.

Al Khor Villas

Al Khor Villas is in Al Khor. The villa is 3.6 km from Al Bayt Stadium. It provides access to a balcony with garden views, the air-conditioned villa consists of 5 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Al Khor Villas offers a terrace. The nearest airport is Hamad International Airport, 49 km from the accommodation.

Check-In Time: From 15:00 Until 17:00

Check-Out Time: From 11.00 Until 12:00


  • Five bedrooms
  • 9 guests
  • House
  • 20 m²
  • Four bathrooms
  • No pets


  • Pool
  • Private pool
  • Washing machine
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • No smoking
  • Kitchen
  • Family-friendly
  • Balcony
  • Garden view
  • Housekeeping

Price per night: From $548


  • Laundry washed under sanitization guidelines
  • Staff follows sanitization guidelines
  • Use of highly effective cleaning agents to sanitize surfaces



Two-Bedroom Apartment

Location: Al Khor, Qatar.

Korbay Residency

Korbay Residency is in Al Khor. The Al Bayt Stadium is almost 6.8 km from Korbay Residency. 8 km. It has sea views, free WiFi, and free private parking. A car rental service is available at the apartment. The nearest airport is Hamad International, 48 km from Korbay Residency, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Check-In Time: From 14:00 Until 00:00

Check-Out Time: From 12.00 Until 12:30


  • Two bedrooms
  • 4 guests
  • Apartment
  • 60 m²
  • One bathroom
  • No pets


  • Washing machine
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Internet
  • Fireplace
  • Microwave
  • No smoking
  • Kitchen
  • Family-friendly
  • Iron
  • Coffee machine
  • Kettle
  • Fridge
  • Lift
  • Oceanview
  • Dryer
  • Garden view
  • Parking
  • Housekeeping
  • Fire Extinguisher

Price per night: From $163



One-Bedroom Suite

Location: Al Khor, Qatar.

Type: 5-Star Hotel

Al Sultan Beach Resort

The Al Sultan Beach Resort is almost 7 km away from Al Bayt Stadium. It is a beach resort and overlooks its private beach on the Arabian Gulf, features an outdoor pool. Rooms and suites at Al Sultan Beach Resort are around the main swimming pool and the waterfront corniche. Guests can stop at the on-site Al Dente Restaurant, tasting seafood with an Italian twist in a romantic setting. Al-Buhayra offers pool-side drinks and snacks until sunset, while room service is available 24/7. Popular attractions nearby the Al Sultan resort include Al Khor Beach, famous for pearl fishing, and Al Khor Gardens, a prime picnic spot. Free private parking is available at the property.

Check-In Time: From 14:00 Until 16:00

Check-Out Time: From 12.00 Until 12:00


  • One-bedroom
  • 2 guests
  • Resort
  • 60 m²
  • One bathroom
  • No pets


  • Pool
  • Washing machine
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Internet
  • Sauna
  • Wheelchair access
  • No smoking
  • Family-friendly
  • Hot tub
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Coffee machine
  • Kettle
  • Heating
  • Fridge
  • Lift
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness
  • Oceanview
  • Tennis courts
  • Parking
  • Beach access
  • Suitable for business
  • Housekeeping

Price per night: From $394


  • Physical distancing rules followed
  • Laundry washed by sanitization guidelines
  • Staff follows sanitization guidelines
  • Use of highly effective cleaning agents to sanitize surfaces

4. Simaisma Beach Resort, A Murwab Resort

Location: Street 3153, Sumaysimah, Qatar.

Simaisma Beach Resort

A Private & Exclusive Escape for Families! Welcome to Simaisma, a Murwab Resort, an exquisite perfection and luxurious oasis for families, respecting local values and interests. It is 16km away from Al Bayt Stadium. The property has one of the largest pools in Qatar, where you can enjoy exceptional service and privacy. Make yourself comfortable either in a 2, 3- or 4-bedroom villa with or without a private pool.

Check-In Time: 24 hours

Check-Out Time: 24 hours

Room types:

  • Oceanview
  • Pool view
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Suites
  • Family rooms


  • Blackout curtains
  • Air conditioning
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • Walk-in shower
  • Interconnected rooms available
  • Private balcony
  • Room service
  • Separate dining area
  • Separate living room
  • Sofa
  • Telephone
  • Wardrobe / closet
  • Bottled water
  • Iron
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stovetop
  • Electric kettle
  • Kitchenware
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Hairdryer


  • Free parking
  • Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi)
  • Pool
  • Fitness Center with Gym / Workout Room
  • Free breakfast
  • Beach
  • Bicycle rental
  • Children playground
  • Sauna
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Tennis court
  • Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly)
  • Kids pool
  • Airport transportation
  • Meeting rooms
  • Manicure
  • Massage
  • Pedicure
  • 24-hour security
  • BBQ facilities
  • Sun umbrellas
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Laundry service

Price per night: From $910


  • Laundry washed under sanitization guidelines
  • Staff follows sanitization guidelines
  • Use of highly effective cleaning agents to sanitize surfaces

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Final Words

However, we have already known a lot about the Al Bayt Stadium. The stadium is one of the finest stadiums in Qatar. On the other hand, Al Khor city also can attract visitors for its attractions. When football lovers come to Al Khor to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2022, they can visit the beauty of Qatar.

Al Khor is a fascinating city that can present a unique sight of history. It can also treat visitors with some of the finest locations one can find in Qatar. There are many places to visit in Al Khor that one can explore for a holiday experience. From the natural beauty of Al Thakira to a fun time at Al Khor Park, there is a lot to look forward to here. So, if you are a potential explorer, choose the Al Khor for your next visit for a memorable time with your loved ones. These can make your world cup trip more enjoyable.

If you have any questions about the Al Bayt Stadium or Al Khor city, let us know in the comment section.

Thanks for visiting us.

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