Ticket Categories of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Ticket Categories of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Soccer fans can now start registering to buy tickets for Qatar World Cup at prices from around $70, one-third cheaper than the tournament in Russia, The Associated Press has learned.

There are four Ticket categories for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022:

  • Category 1 is the highest priced and is located in prime areas within the Stadium.
  • Category 2 and Category 3 are seating areas within the stadium separate from the Category 1 area.
  • Category 4 is a seating area within the stadium separate from the Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 seating areas. This category is reserved exclusively for residents of Qatar.*

A resident of Qatar refers to any individual legally residing on a permanent or temporary basis in Qatar, including Qatari nationals and nationals of other countries. This may include, for example, individuals who permanently live in Qatar or individuals who are legally authorized to work in Qatar. If you are a resident of Qatar, please make sure to declare this during the ticket application process. Proof of your Qatar residency may be required to purchase certain tickets.

Additionally, in each stadium and for all matches, FIFA is offering a dedicated allocation of tickets for purchase by disabled people and people with limited mobility, these are called “Accessibility Tickets”. Please visit the “Accessibility Tickets” section of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ticketing page accessible on FIFA.com/tickets to consult information on Accessibility Tickets.


Please note that FIFA determines the categorization of each seat in the stadium on a match-by-match basis. This means that:

  • the ticket category may vary from match to match;

  • all ticket categories may include seats in different tiers of the stadium (such as the upper and lower tiers);

  • the ticket categorization remains unaffected by any conditions on matchday, such as weather conditions; and

  • ticket category boundaries may vary from match to match. Such differentiation is necessary to ensure that the maximum number of tickets can be made available to football fans.

For further information about all stadium. Visit: Ticket Categories

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